Another early morning start for Round 3 of the Asia Classic Car Challenge and Daniel Bilski sitting on pole position in his Porsche 911 RSR, with his rival Henk Kiks’ Porsche 944 right beside him.

An exciting start to the race as the wheels of Mike Ricks’ TVR 5000S spin at full speed unable to get off the line quickly causing Kelvin Davies to jolt into the middle of the track to avoid a collision. Hammering down the accelerator Kelvin’s Sylvia Phoenix is sent spinning 360 degrees in the middle of the pack just missing a number of cars by only centimetres. Luckily none of the ten cars storming past touched the Sylvia and Kelvin was able to re-join the race albeit in last position.

2015-06-07_09.21.28A close drag race to turn one between the two Porsches and the Westfield Seven of Hans de Back with Daniel Bilski winning as the cars delicately drive around the tight s-bend in the wet.

As Bilski storms off into the distance building a 3 second gap, the back of the field bunch up through turn four with the Honda Civic EF of Zubir Ali spins. The B-Quik BMW E30 Franciscus Teeuwen climbs through the field.

Hans de Back takes third position from Mike Ricks and Henk Kiks closes the gap to Bilski by 1.5 seconds. It was close fight for a few laps between Michael Teague’s Martini Porsche 944 and Franciscus’ BMW E30, with Franciscus finishing in front.

By half distance Henk was all over the back of Bilski foxing at every opportunity trying to find a way past. Tough defending by Daniel who then overshoots the last hairpin turn 15 spinning onto the grass, allowing Henk Kiks to take the lead and Hans to cruise past in Second. Bilski re-joins in third with 20 seconds to make up in five laps.

2015-06-07_11.52.56_4After just one lap Bilski found a way past De Back and starts his pursuit of leader Kiks.

Kelvin Davies had a stunning drive storming through the field to finish 4th place overall and first in Class C. Mike Ricks drove a lonely race and secured second in Class O, as Peter Cardosa was battling with newcomer Liam Lawrence in the Caterham Supersport. This was Liam’s first ACCC race and finished an impressive third in Class R.

With two laps to go Bilski had caught Henk and the fight for first continued with Daniel foxing behind Henk looking for the right opportunity to pass. There was nothing in it between the two leaders as Bilski made a final attempt on the inside of turn 5 but Henk Kiks was able to hold him off and take the chequered the flag by only 0.700s. This gave Bilski the win in Class O with Peter Cardosa claiming the win for Class B.

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