The crowd were on their feet as Henk Kiks pulled out for one last drag against Daniel Bilski to cross the line by half a car length in round 6 of the Asia Classic Car Challenge.

Starting from 11th spot on the grid Henk Kiks stormed up to second position at turn 4 on the first lap as Erwin Boon dropped from second to fourth and the Westfield Seven of Han de Back was left to challenge the pink Porsche 911 RSR of Daniel Bilski into turn one.

Kelvin Davies was another quick starter blitzing through the field from 12th on the grid to third, relegating Boon to 5th.

4N1A2466Bilski’s dominate lead was short lived as Henk closed the gap to under 0.300s by lap three, while Douglas Khoo and Peter Cardosa fought bumper to bumper for the lead in class B. Khoo takes the lead around turn one but as Cardosa fights back on the inside he touches the Datsun 260Z and spins.

Halfway through the race Christopher Pass spins his Ford Capri at turn 7 retiring in the gravel, and Hans de Back catches Kelvin Davies fighting for third overall. The tight battle gives Erwin Boon an opportunity to catch the pair and make it a three-way fight.

At the front there’s less than 0.300s as Henk foxes Bilski at every opportunity. Kiks seems solid around turn 15, generating enough grip for a fast exit on every lap but just can’t quite make it stick.

Bilski is driving ultra defensively on the inside line at turn one, making it difficult for Henk to make a move. This continues for the whole race.

Lap 6 and Hans de Back passed Davies at turn 15 but Davies later has to retire his Sylva Phoenix with a broken throttle. A popular cause of several DNFs during the weekend.

4N1A2443With two laps to go Daniel Bilski negotiates around a back-marker giving him some space from Henk who has dropped 1.5 seconds behind. But Bilski catches more back-markers at tight parts of the circuit giving Kiks new hope in fighting for the lead. But what can do against the defensive Bilski?

With a fast exit from turn 14 Henk Kiks is able to drag Daniel Bilski down the back straight taking the outside and finding enough grip to exit right on the 911 RSR’s tail, and with one final try, Henk pulls out metres from the chequered, foot flat on the pedal and stretches his nose just half a car length right on the finish line taking an extraordinary win.

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