Velocity Sports Management to Continue as Series Administrators

We are happy to announce that Natasha, Admi and the team at Velocity Sports Management are back on board for the 2015 ACCC season as series administrators.

Incorporated in April 2001, Velocity Sports Management is a full fledge event management agency specialising in motorsport  that offers event organization, marketing, advertising and promotional services.

Realising in the needs to promote motorsport events in Malaysia. Velocity Sports Management was formed to cater for this needs. The company is managed by capable staff that have years of experience in events management and promotion to provide quality services.

Velocity Sports Management is fully committed to construct the most relevant and effective event management and promotion strategies and execute them with full enthusiasm.

Velocity Sports Management facilitates by pooling the resources and strength of event   management and creative team to produce exponential    increase in the abilities and capabilities of its clientage in promoting their events, products and services.

Some of our services includes:

  • Race/ Drift/ Endurance/ Drag event organising
  • Race Control Management
  • Marshals Management
  • Product Launch
  • Corporate Track Day
  • Corporate Test Drive

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